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Who is Pinellas Perks?

Pinellas Perks is an extension of Contact Us I.T., Inc’s. social media marketing division. This is not a marketing ploy to get you to buy additional services or to sell you on our services and this is not where we tell you there are hidden costs or membership fees. We wanted to tell you that Pinellas Perks is the brain child of a social media marketers right off the bat. 

We didn’t start out with a social media division but after so many people asking for our help with it, we felt that it was needed. We have nearly 40 years of combined experience in computer sciences & information technology that include domains, networking, security, hardware, software, remote assistance, business & home network maintenance, architecture, project management, web design, marketing, networking, branding & photography . We are well rounded computer and internet geeks.

Why is it FREE to merchants?

We know that there are other local networking companies in the area. However, they all want a membership fee, networking fee, hefty fees to attend their own events or a commission from the sales that go through their network. That’s no way to network. Networking should be free! We feel that if more people knew how to use the network and/or the tricks of the trade, the network would grow stronger and that will help to build a strong community.