Providing Tampa area with Entertainment Services. primarily in the mobile DJ area, for Weddings, Parties, Corporate events, Live Music, TV style Game Shows, Karaoke and Team Text Trivia. We specialize in Wedding DJ and Party DJ Services.. We can make any kind of event fun with our Game Show and Trivia options. Call us about the "Really Wed" Game.

Cosplaying for Christ wants to bring superheros and princesses to your event! We enjoy creating costumes and portraying your favorite comic book and fairy tale charaters. Contact us at least a month before your event to reserve a day on our calendar!
We specialize in birthday parties, outdoor events and fundraisers. If you are opening up a new business or need a few superheros to attend your comics and collectibles shop, send us an email to arrange an appearance:

25% off a single event for a two costumed character appearance package 


 15% off your fee for entertainment services or a free hour to your event  

Catering & Online

 Enjoy 10% Off on your total purchase. 


(727) 254-8729​

To partner with other companies to provide a network of pastry goods, services, entertainment, and art.

To Entertain, Enlighten, and Assist home viewers with basic and advanced pastry and culinary techniques.