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Open enrollment invite to Pinellas County, FL merchants! (scroll down for online sign-up form)

As a merchant or business of Pinellas County, Florida you are invited to join in our quest in keeping the “shop local” movement thriving throughout the Pinellas County area. As a member, there are NO FEES, Ever!

Our Vision: 
Pinellas Perks is a not for profit organization created to help, local, small businesses thrive throughout the social media markets.  ALL for FREE!!!

We are here to help bring awareness about your business, help grow your social network platforms and raise money for local charities. We want to build a sense of community throughout all of Pinellas County. 

Pinellas Perks, Inc. offers for sale a “Perks” (loyalty card) for patrons to purchase. Profits from the sales of the Perks Cards will be donated to local charities. The Perks Card is made up of discounts that you, the merchant, offer to the patron who holds the card. You just tell us what you want your discount to be and that is what we will publish. You can change your discount/offer to the customers at any time. We understand that offering one discount/offer may not suite your business throughout the entire year, therefore, we believe that the Perks Card will be most successful if the merchants/businesses are allowed to change their discounts/offers as they see fit throughout the year. Want to offer a special discount for online or social media customers only, we can brag about that too. The Perks Card never expires.

Our Goal:
It is our goal to donate the majority of the profits from the sales of the “Perks” card to local charities. Did you know that only 10% of profits being donated is required? We will be donating at least 50% of the profits to local charities! Which charities? Well, we want you as members to help decide that. When you sign up, tell us what your favorite local charity is. The donations will be made in ALL members names, not just ours.

Benefits in becoming a member:
As business owners ourselves we know that you are busy running your business and we are respectful of your time, therefore, there are no  meetings, events, etc. that  you are required to attend. We would like to stay in communication via email and/or sharing through social media.

You are not required to have a brick and mortar store or office. If you have a home or mobile business, you are also welcome to join.

· As a member, there are NO FEES, Ever!

· As a member, you/your business will be promoted on our website, our social media accounts, press releases, E-Newsletters & other promotional materials free of charge.  Essentially, it’s free advertising for you. Working together, we will rely on the continuous sales of the "Perks Card".

· As a member, we want to help teach you how to better your business through social media platforms.  There is nothing that you need to purchase, no subscriptions, no sign ups, etc. If you have questions, we have answers.

· As a member, your business name, logo, photos may be used in other publications ad spaces only to advertise the sale of the “Perks” card, free of charge. (This is your release for Pinellas Perks, Inc. to use your business name & logo only to promote the sales of the “Perks” card). Your business information will never be sold.

· As a member, your business name, logo, photos will be shared and tagged in our social media networks to be seen by 10's of thousands of people, free of charge. We will share your page,  your posts and flyers on our pages and throughout our networks.

· Please visit our website: www.PinellasPerks.com  for an example of the Perks card and Participating Merchants page.

·If you would like to become a member you can respond to our email address with your business name, address, telephone number, business logo and any photos that your would like for us to use. At your request, we can also send our social media expert to your business to take a few photographs. You can also become a member through our website by clicking on the Become A Member tab on our home page and filling out the form on that page. 

Email:  pinellasperks@gmail.com

·If you have any questions you can also respond to our email address or call 727-373-6051  


Thank you in advance for your time & participation.

Pinellas Perks, Inc.

“Let’s keep the shop local movement thriving”

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